“Sophie Harris is an incredibly gifted instructor of yoga, and all around, an amazing human being. I should say, I don't practice yoga regularly, although in an effort to move forward during a particularly difficult time of personal and professional setbacks, I joined a yoga studio and made a concerted effort to attend classes every morning with the intention of jump-starting my day. Sophie's class was the only one I kept going to. It was more than just the physical practice of yoga, she creates an energy around the session that's soothing, inviting, comforting and strengthening.

We began classes with readings, then we chanted together, and finally, before we began, she explained the movements we would be practicing that day and their purpose and relevance. During her class, I felt observant of the world around me as well as connected to my own feelings, and I learned that the way I felt emotionally could and does affect the way I feel physically. The sessions ended with Savasana, laying on the floor, blankets draped over us. I spent the entire session looking forward to this, which sounds lazy, I know, but not for the reason one might think. During Savasana Sophie would visit each of us and place her palms or her fingers on our temples or our shoulders, and it was this warm, loving touch that I craved so deeply. I carried that energy with me for the rest of the day, and for the rest of the week, until I could visit class again.

Sophie is a warm and generous person and she embodies her practice. She is inclusive, and personable, and incredibly knowledgable. Her instruction encourages personal growth and awareness as well as physical stamina. I miss her dearly, and any place lucky enough to have her in residence should be aware of the unique opportunity they've been awarded.”

— Jenny, Artist, Brooklyn, NYC


Sophie is a wonderful teacher – her style mirrors the warm, encouraging and kind woman that she is, and her classes make me feel strong, uplifted and happy. Her gentle encouragement and nurturing guidance have helped me to try new things, and whether you’re new to yoga or looking to deepen your practice, Sophie’s classes will help you to flourish.
— Anna, PR Director, London
Sophie’s soothing beautiful voice will make your yoga class a wonderful multi sensorial experience. I go to yoga class because being an elementary school teacher, I need someone to take over at the end of the day and tell me what to do! Sophie was there for me, and I came out of her classes renewed like a baby.
— Delphine, Teacher, Brooklyn
I’ve had the good fortune of having Sophie’s healing hands on me for a Reiki session. Not only do you receive the vibrant healing energy coming through her but you also get to be in her nurturing, caring and loving presence. I wish she were back in the USA so I could have another session with her. Take advantage of a session with her if you can!
— Seth, Yoga Teacher, Brooklyn
Sophie radiates unbridled joy and light. Just try to be sad or upset after a session of healing. It won’t work. Warm and kind, She has a way of being that make you feel even life’s most trying moments are small gifts to be cherished.
— Jenavieve, Classical Musician, Brooklyn
My first class with Sophie was outside in the sunshine. She has such a gift for intuitively knowing how to adjust my body, and for the first time I easily found peace with certain poses that used to always frustrate me. Sophie’s class is both challenging and nurturing, supportive and inspiring. I would thoroughly recommend her to any yogi, from first timers, to those with routine practices.
— Lacy, Writer, Brooklyn