I offer my Golden Heart Workshop for private group sessions.

Everyone’s heart needs tender loving care. Whether your heart feels bruised or you simply want to welcome more joy into your life, I will give your heart the love and support it calls for.

We’ll work with yoga asanas, chanting, mudras and Reiki to get you feeling peaceful and restored. Our asana practice will include gentle heart-opening poses as well as anxiety-reducing, stabilizing postures. This flowing sequence will lead into a sweet restorative session, where you’ll feel fully supported and able to safely release anything that’s weighing you down. You’ll receive Reiki healing balanced with essential oils and we will close the workshop with a loving-kindness meditation and soothing hawthorn tea.

Through these healing, transformative practices, your heart can open to giving and receiving more love. To book a session, email me at the Contact section of this site.

Sophie radiates unbridled joy and light. Just try to be sad or upset after a session of healing. It won’t work. Warm and kind, She has a way of being that make you feel even life’s most trying moments are small gifts to be cherished.
— Jenavieve, Classical Musician, Brooklyn