Sophie’s class is more than just the physical practice of yoga, she creates an energy around the session that’s soothing, inviting, comforting and strengthening. Her instruction encourages personal growth and awareness as well as physical stamina. Any city lucky enough to have her in residence should be aware of the unique opportunity they’ve been awarded.
— Jenny, Artist, Brooklyn, NYC


I really love teaching private yoga classes and creating sessions around my students' specific needs – whether that’s a simple introduction to the physical practice, deep relaxation, recovery from injury, or creating a sequence you can practice on your own.

One-on-one classes with me are an ideal and safe way into yoga for beginners, and are also great for more seasoned practitioners who are looking for more personal attention than they would otherwise get in a packed class. The structure of the class is tailor-made for you, responding to your needs and personal goals.

I am an experienced teacher of restorative yoga, and I integrate Reiki healing and essential oils into these deep, transformative sessions. Helping women to harmonize with their bodies’ natural cycles is one of my specialities; if you suffer from difficult periods, I can help you.

I particularly love working with related modalities such as meditation, Ayurveda, chanting, mudra practice, essential oils and crystals. If I feel there’s a tool that can support you and give you confidence, I will give it to you!

I am based in South East London, and offer private classes, healing sessions and group classes at Lee Complementary Health Centre. Private classes for women can also be arranged in your home, garden or workspace.

Looking for a group class? I am currently also offering group classes at Lee Complementary Health Centre: Sunday Slow Flow classes take place every week at 5.30pm, please email me for availability.

I am also available for one-off events in Brooklyn, NYC. Please see the Contact & Rates section of this site to book your session.